Color Stories

I’ve written a lot of words about color (so far I’ve mused on hues for The New York Times Magazine, The Paris Review, and The Awl). Here’s a full rundown of colors I’ve covered:

Incarnadine  –  Marian Blue  –  Eau de Nil Payne’s Gray –  Haint Blue  –  Rose Madder  –  Falu Red  –  Glaucous  –  Fuchsia  –   Caput Mortuum  –  Prussian Blue  –  Gamboge  –  Celadon  –  Puce 

And here are two roundups that aren’t as easy to categorize (just go read them, they’re interesting, I swear):

All The Whites You Cannot Name 

Made in the Shade 

And if any of these links are broken, do email me and let me know. Copy-and-pasting is tedious and I made this website quickly (obviously). If you’d like me to write about a specific color—or if you want to hire me to write about color—get in touch!