About Me

Photograph by Greta Rybus

I am a freelance magazine writer and editor based out of Portland, Maine. My first book, Handcrafted Maine, an in-depth look at maker culture and artistic expression in my adopted home state, is due out in 2017 from Princeton Architectural Press. I’m the former managing editor of Maine magazine, and a frequent contributor to Maine magazine, Maine Home+Design, and Old Port. I’m also a contributing editor at Islandport Press, a small Maine-based publisher that specializes in local storytelling. Previous employment history includes stints at Dispatch magazine, MSN, NBC, and Gawker Media. My writing has appeared in/on (choose your own preposition) To MarketArt New England, AMC Outdoors magazine, Boston MagazineThe Improper Bostonian, The Hairpin, Eater, Jezebel, and MaineToday. I’ve also done reporting for the Wall Street Journal and WBUR.

Was that paragraph really boring? Sorry about that! When I’m not shackled to my laptop stressing over deadlines, I spend my time reading gothic novels, obsessing over modern art, perfecting my pizza-cooking skills, and running wild with my dogs, Deja and Rex. I don’t believe in astrology, but I think I might believe in ghosts. Someday, I would like to hang out with Baba Yaga and share a glass of Palinka. If I had to invite anyone to my dinner party, living or dead, I would probably ask Helena Blavatsky to come and bring a bowl of potato salad. Most of my dinner parties are potlucks.