About Me

Katy_SMALLI am a freelance magazine writer and editor based out of Maine. I generally write about visual culture—I’m the author of a series of articles about color history and theory that appeared online first at The Awl and later at The Paris Review—but I’ve also written about other highly specific things, like poisoned dresses, obsessively-built island houses, art made with human hair, and the world’s first 100% local restaurant. My work has appeared in/on (choose your own preposition) Art New EnglandBoston magazine, The Hairpin, Eater, Jezebel, and The New York Times Magazine. If I had to identify a thread that runs through my writing, I’d say it’s that I’m obsessed with obsessions. I also really enjoy thinking and talking about the creative process and the general idea of beauty. (And I should probably mention here that I wrote a book! It’s called Handcrafted Maine and it would make a nice addition to your bookshelf/coffee table/bathroom/whatever.)

Here’s some other stuff about me: When I’m not working or researching, I spend my time reading gothic novels, perfecting my pizza-cooking skills, falling off a surfboard, and cleaning up after my two idiot dogs, Deja and Rex. I don’t believe in astrology, but I think I might believe in ghosts. Someday, I would like to hang out with Baba Yaga and share a glass of Palinka. If I had to invite anyone to my dinner party, living or dead, I would probably ask Helena Blavatsky to come and bring a bowl of potato salad. Most of my dinner parties are potlucks.