Christopher Boffoli’s very small world.

When I’m stressed out, I forget to eat. Hunger simply nag at me when my mind is occupied—it melts away, leaving me clear-headed and full of that odd, manic energy that comes from too little sustenance and too much talking. But what if my world were made of food?

Photographer Christopher Boffoli creates amazing images of tiny men living their small, everyday lives while surrounded by massive meals. A janitor sweeps up a pile of mustard on a hotdog, a group of scientists examine the crime scene of a crushed blackberry, and geologists consider going spelunking inside an eggshell. I’ve been documenting my obsession with miniatures for some time now, so it should come as no surprise that I find this series just delightful. And now I’m kind of hungry.

{Found via Incredible Things}


Little, Tiny Things

Artist Kenji Sugiyama recreates the experience of going to an art museum on a very, very small scale. Using pasta boxes as his four walls, he creates lilliputian scenes of people gazing at art. He completely captures the weird physical motions of a museum (visitors standing quietly, still, heads forward and arms at their sides, poised as if about to take off, gestures of mock-thoughtfulness, etc.). Aside from thinking anything tiny is adorable (I don’t know why, I just do!) Sugiyama’s work is also just plain impressive. Can you imagine making something so intricate and detailed? My big clumsy fingers can’t.

More pictures…

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Sugar, How’d You Get So Fly?

Artist Brendan Jamison makes amazing architectural structures out of sugar cubes. “I was always in my room building Lego models,” he said in an interview with the BBC. (Of course he was! Legos are the best! I want to play with them right now!)

But before he landed on sugar cubes, he tried building with smarties, which didn’t work quite so well. He says he liked how much he can cut and mold the cubes, whereas smarties are apparently too rigid for such detail. “I was attracted by the beautiful sparkles on the sugar cubes. It is a beautiful finish, you can see the fairytale sparkle in the natural light.”

And if that wasn’t enough to make you like him, here’s a helicopter he made out of wood and wool. Fuzzy!


Paper Houses.

I spend far more time playing with paper than any reasonably employed person should. But I don’t think I could ever make something like this in a million years. Can you believe this twisty Alice in Wonderland house is made entirely of paper?

It’s the work of artist Mandy Smith, who works with all kinds of paper (including toilet paper!) to make everything from unicorns to record players. Amazing!

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On The Rocks.

Here’s another place I would like to live forever. Too bad it’s a restaurant (though it’s not very creatively named—The Rock Restaurant is descriptive but not particularly romantic).

But doesn’t it look like a place where tropical hobbits would live? Or Dufflepuds!

Anyway, I need a vacation. Would someone please fly me out to Tanzania?


Sensing a theme?

I need this! At first I thought it was just a really adorable flashdrive, but it’s a real, working camera. Here it is on Amazon. After the Little Printer and the Tiny Postal Service, I think this miniature camera is going to officially kill me with cuteness.

Look at it!

Little Things

In a similar vein as the World’s Smallest Postal Service (so tiny! so cute!) though possibly a lot more useful: the Little Printer. You can hook it up to your smartphone and print out various things—grocery lists, notes from friends, etc. While it’s not available for purchase just yet, I already know I’ll use it almost exclusively to print my To Do lists. I write approximately nine thousand lists per day, and this would make them infinitely cuter (which in turn will make me more likely to complete them. Or so I hope.)

Picture of the tiny printer’s tiny to-do list, after the jump.

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