Bright white, true blue: the MFA exhibits my favorite colors.

blueandwhiteIt’s not often that I wish I was back in Boston, but this exhibit at the Museum of Fine Arts has me planning a trip down south: “Blue and White,” on show at the Henry and Lois Foster Gallery. Blue and white ceramics are such a familiar sight, but this show takes the traditional color palate and somewhat rigid medium and twists it, transforming the formula. From what I’ve seen online, the pieces echo earlier work in a playful, irreverent way. Plates are painted with unexpected scenes, impressionist brushstrokes dance across porcelain, and polka dots lend a youthful quality to a fluid sculpture with a möbius strip-like complexity.
Screen shot 2013-07-02 at 8.56.43 PMHow fun, right? Sadly, it’s only on view for a few more days… so I probably won’t make it there. What a bummer.

[MFA Boston]