Two cute monsters by Marina Muun & Scarlett’s colors.

Screen Shot 2016-06-12 at 8.24.17 PM.pngI love these monsters and I love love Marina Muun’s color palate. I’m really into unexpected pastels lately, mauve-y pinks and gray-greens.

See her professional portfolio here.

Check out her Tumblr here.

Updated, a few hours later:
Some brilliant person pinpointed the color palates of famous films. Wes Anderson’s colors, when separated from context, are ugly. (I love his movies and how color creates a mood, but never-would-I-ever want to live in a mustard-and-ketchup world.) This one’s my favorite, though I love the colors of The Revenant, too. Scarlett_Lost

Fanciful work: Inside the studio with children’s illustrators.

If you, like me, get the Sunday night blues, here’s something that might get you excited for the work week: inspiring photos of artists at work! Photographer Jake Green spent the past year documenting children’s illustrators in their studios and the results are intimate, sharp, and cool. The above picture is of Katja Spitzer, a Berlin-based artist, drawing one of her colorful creatures. (If you’ve got little ones, take note: her book Let’s Go Outside is so cheerful and bright, I bet kiddos would love it.) I always enjoy seeing how creative types work, and Green’s photographs make me feel like I’m peering through the window, spying on their process (but in a nice, admiring, non-creepy way… is that possible?) Take a closer look here.