Playlist: Boy Crazy

Earlier this week, I decided to make a playlist called Boy Crazy (or, on my iTunes OMGIMBOYCRAZY!!!).  When asked by the boyfriend what inspired this particular collection of songs, I told him quite honestly: “well, after downloading that Best Coast song, I realized I have about a million songs about boy crazy girls and the resulting obsessiveness.”  In retrospect, what I should have said is “I’m just soooooo crazy about you!” or something sweeter. Oh, well.

Anyway, since I’m far too lazy to actually type out each song, here’s a screenshot of my totally rad collection of heteronormative love songs (I kid, but not really).  Some of them are really awesome songs (if I were ever to pull a Lloyd Dobler, my boom box would be blaring ‘Flower’) while others are just kind of fun to whip my hair around to (if I believed in guilty pleasures, Taylor Swift would be my number two [Nickleback’s number one]).  So yeah, enjoy.


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