Yesterday, I got a bit bored and decided to make an Etsy treasury. I have never done this before, but it was a lot more fun than I thought it would be. It reminds me of how I used to fill up online shopping carts with everything I ever wanted before clicking out of the window, which let me feel like I was getting new things even though I really couldn’t afford them. Fantasy shopping!

Anyway, this fantasy trip was inspired by this post on Wet Hot American Summer, which is only the greatest comedy ever (next to Empire Records, of course). It’s all summer camp, outdoor-themed things, and while I just said I won’t be buying anything, I’m actually really considering that fish hook necklace.

Did you know once I got a fishhook embedded in my scalp? It was my brother’s fault. Also, once he hit me in the forehead with an oar while we were playing a made-up game called (creatively) oar-ball. It was an accident.

Injuries aside, I think my “Treasure” is pretty great. Annnnnd here it is.


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