I swear to god, my boyfriend sings this song every day. Every day! Though I don’t think he would admit it, it’s probably the most-played song at the bar where he works, but only because he puts it on every night. Every night!

At first, I didn’t understand it at all. But now it’s really grown on me and I keep singing it to myself. I fully plan to show up at the bar some night all dressed up like a cowboy’s dream and order a whiskey. Silly or slightly badass? (probably the first).

Oh and a word about the bar: the clientele is probably 60% old Irish men. And they all loooove country music. There’s always an interesting blend on the jukebox there—probably half old Irish tunes and sad ballads and songs with pipes and half country hits. The one thing they have in common is the fiddle. So I suppose it makes sense.


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