If You Give A Kid A Sticker…

I want to go to Australia for lots of reasons (mostly wallabies) but here’s another: Yayoi Kusama‘s installation at the Gallery of Modern Art. Over the course of several weeks, he gave thousands of kids thousands of stickers, turning the once-white room into a rainbow of colors. It’s called “The Obliteration Room” and I love it so very much.

In other kid news, I went candlepin bowling tonight with my best dude friend and his son, Slade. Slade is just four years old and he is quite possibly the most creative kid I’ve ever met. He gave us all nicknames, which included Mr. Wickershamwicker, Dr. Plum, Narnold, Whodunnit, and Lady Gaga.

He also acted out scenes from Indiana Jones for us. It’s endlessly amazing how funny kids are without actively trying to be funny. I need to spend more time with him.


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