You Get Me Closer…

I used to be pretty religious. When I was young, my parents made us go to church every Sunday, and though I complained, there was always a part of me that liked the rituals and the traditions. I even liked confession (which isn’t something you are supposed to like, as every good Catholic knows). I liked the latticework wood booths, the rich red cloth, and the whispery quiet of telling secrets.

Nowadays, I can’t really claim allegiance to any religion—but maybe I would if I had mass in this church. Designed by Belgian architects Pieterjan Gijs and Arnout Van Vaerenbergh, it’s an art project that plays with the very idea of solid enclosures. Called “Reading Between The Lines,” it’s a really beautiful riff on the traditional space of worship. Made of 100 thin sheets and 2,000 columns of steel, the “church” is more sketch than sculpture. And (obviously) I love it.

More details (and some much more in-depth analysis) here.


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