I Love Public Art.

Architect John Locke not only has an awesome name (okay, I wasn’t that into the philosopher, but I did just start re-watching Lost and I’m totally team Locke), he’s also a very cool dude. He must be, since he designed this amazing project: a communal lending library, tucked into obsolete phone booths. The plywood shelves can be installed in any phone booth, and are filled with books, which passersby can borrow, exchange, or take for keepsies. Operating on the honor principle, they not only look cool, but also help disseminate knowledge in a weird, slightly haphazard way.

I would love to see something like this in Boston or Cambridge. I feel like it would really thrive here! Can someone make that happen, please?

See more pictures at Design Bloom.


2 thoughts on “I Love Public Art.

  1. That is so cool! I wonder if it has been a successful project? Things like this make our world a little brighter. Thanks for sharing it. I will pin it 😀

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