I Love Public Art, Part III.

As previously mentioned, I adore public art. I mean, I kind of just generally love art as a principle of life, but I really like the stuff that makes its way out of the museums and onto the streets, where it can confuse, excite, terrorize or please the populace just by existing.

But I realize a lot of people just ignore public art, seeing it as just another part of the cityscape—or worse, they let their eyes glaze over it as they search for the nearest Starbucks or whatever. I know. Why would you do that? It’s so nice! However, sometimes you can’t ignore it, like with Lawrence Argent‘s “I see what you mean.”

Installed in 2005 outside of the Denver Conference Center, Argent’s sculpture is literally impossible to miss (well, if you’re in the vicinity of the center, that is). As you can see, it’s just a giant blue bear. A really charming and well-designed giant blue bear. But that’s basically it. And his artist’s statement is similarly to-the-point. He more or less just says I wanted people to notice this. And think about bears. Bears are great! And they hang out in the mountains, and Denver is near the mountains, so…

Not to make fun of Lawrence, because I, too think bears are great and that this sculpture is really great. I wish it were in Cambridge so I could visit it and bring it little pots of honey as a tribute.


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