Two Nice Things.

1. I’ve expressed before my love for Roald Dahl. As a kid, I always loved his children’s books, but it wasn’t until I was older that I really started appreciating his amazing sense of humor. His stories for adults are darkly hilarious, and his memoirs walk the line easily between making light of minor horrors (like being caned at the hands of a sadistic school master) to expressing real excitement and sorrow at huge life changes (including the death of a family member and his very first—very exotic—job overseas). The guy lives a fascinating life.

Anyway, I’m loving these papercuts by artist Jayme McGowan. Featured on the Etsy Blog, they’re such a whimsical tribute to the author. My favorite? The misunderstood bookworm Matilda, of course.

2. Illustrator Ted McCagg pits 32 of his favorite words against each other to find the “best word ever.” Though there are some words that seem universally hated—who likes the word moist? anyone?—words that sound wonderful are a weirdly personal thing. I like a lot of McCagg’s choices, particularly mnemonic, zephyr and detritus. Others I just can’t get behind (aside from the creative spelling, who enjoys phlegm?). But whatever. Don’t lollygag—skedaddle over and check it out.


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