Two Nice Things.


1. A few months back, I was having trouble dealing with all the sudden changes in my life. I changed my job, my apartment, got into a new/old relationship, and even got a dog. They were all good changes, but man, it felt like a lot to process. I decided to start keeping a journal of all the positive things that were happening. I’m not really a self help, think positive, visualization board kind of person (not to insult those who are, it’s just not for me) but the daily reminder of how good I have it really helped get me grounded. I think of it now as my gratitude journal. Also, the journal itself is really freaking pretty (it’s from Rifle Paper Co. and you can buy one of your own here).

2. I forget whether I’ve linked to it yet, but since I’m on the subject of mental health, here’s another cool tool: Headspace, a daily guided meditation. They have 10 minute audio tracks that help you start meditating. I’m also normally not a meditation person—my head is full of bees, waspy thoughts that buzz and sting and won’t leave me alone–but Headspace was surprisingly easy to follow and not at all intimidating. And I guess I am a meditation person now, which I think is a very good thing. Maybe I’ll bump it up to a half hour a day. Maybe.


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