hennensnowcoveredpond12x12oilGregory Hennen makes beautifully two-dimensional paintings of the natural world that remind me of what would happen if Alex Katz and Egon Schiele met for an impromptu wine-in-the-woods session (something I didn’t know was a fantasy of mine until I just typed it, but oh man, wouldn’t you love to attend that drunken picnic?). I particularly love his winter scenes, which seem so perfectly New England to me—stark, but pretty, once you look closely enough to notice all the gradients and colors that hide in the shadows and the glinty ice. Sadly, I couldn’t find a place to buy his prints, though the frozen pond above would be perfect in my bedroom.




More here.

p.s. Look at these while listening to this. Especially “See Green, See Blue.” Pretty, pretty.


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