Educate Me.

5a29e7834750I have a confession: I know embarrassingly little about art outside the Western world. I can tell a Titian from a Tintoretto (not a huge deal, but still) and I can hold my own in a conversation about American art. But when it comes to art from virtually anywhere else, I’m practically a novice. I took a few semesters of World Art, but they were overview classes, with a chapter on each location. Nothing in depth, nothing particularly fascinating.

Not only do I feel slightly guilty for my crappy art education, but I also have started to realize recently just how much I’m missing out. Take, for example, the work of Ray Morimura. He’s a contemporary Japanese artist who makes gorgeous, detailed, breathtaking woodblock prints. Depicting both urban scenes and rural landscapes, they’re really captivating. Unfortunately, as far as I can tell, he doesn’t have a website. But you can see more here.



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