Pink lakes make me wish for some green.

PINK LAKES 09If I had a couple thousand dollars to throw around, a Steve Back print would be one of the first things in my shopping cart. These amazing photographs capture pink lakes (pink lakes!) in Western Australia. The sweet, beautiful hue comes from a naturally occurring algae, which makes it a million times more enjoyable than the shockingly colored sunsets caused by pollution (which I admit, I do enjoy anyway. Hey, if there world is going down in flames, we might as well marvel at the colors, right?).

Sadly, a framed print costs around $2,500. Sigh.

HUTT LAGOON 02I think waking up and looking at those colors everyday would make me a fundamentally better person. I think I’d be a lot nicer (not to mention cooler) with a pink lake hanging on my wall.

See more here.

{via Black Eiffel}


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