Maine-made prints.

Hummingbird TriptychI don’t highlight Maine-based artists nearly enough on my blog, especially considering how much awesome talent is hidden away in our corner of the country. Including Josh Brill, the artist behind Lumadessa. He makes these fantastic geometric animal prints that I totally adore. While his shop has many colorful avian prints—including a stately blue jay and a pretty little cardinal—I particularly like the jungle animals. Made of stripes and blocks and other hard shapes, they are surprisingly light and sweet.
Screen shot 2013-07-02 at 9.09.06 PMIn unrelated news, I just finished reading Life of Pi. I expected to love it, and I didn’t. But I did close the book with a new appreciation for zookeepers. I’ve still never been to a zoo (an odd never-have-I-ever fact), and I’m not convinced I should ever go to one, but there is something to be said about animals loving their routines. I know my dog loves her simple life.

Anyway, if you want to buy one of Josh’s prints, you can do so here. 1% of profits go to animal and environmental charities, a fact that makes me feel mildly better about possibly purchasing yet another quirky, unframed print. I really need to find some good, cheap frames…


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