Myriam Dion is destroying print media.

anthology-mag-blog-Cut-Paper-by-Myriam-Dion-2As much as it pains me to admit this, I know, at some point in my life, I said the phrase “print media is dead.” It was probably when I was fresh out of college and working exclusively online and intoxicated by the sweet poetry of HTML and distracted by the truly catholic offerings of my most beloved blogs. I probably thought I was just being practical. I probably thought I was right (because I usually do think that, sometimes even for far longer than I honestly should).

But print is not dead! Print is alive and wonderful and fun, and learning about things like page bleed and grammage has been surprisingly fascinating. Paper is a cool thing, in and of itself, but Myriam Dion makes it extra, excruciatingly cool. This Canadian artist turns newsprint into art, thus destroying the original object’s functionality while creating something that is far more beautiful than the paper itself. And she does this by cutting, slicing, and peeling out slivers of the pulpy-soft weave. With Dion’s pieces, print is both alive and dead. And I love it.

See more at Anthology Mag.


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