A three-step plan for getting over most problems.

fiona apple

1. Tell everyone who you deem worthy the exact truth about what’s bothering you.

2. Straighten your spine and look toward the sky. Somewhere between the top of the nearest building and higher than the tallest man’s hair is best. (If you can see the horizon line, then just look a good 60 feet above that).

3. Walk away. Don’t look back. Take the next object a person offers to you for free. Say, “Yes, thank you.” BearFriend

4. Everything will be fine in the end or, worst case scenario, it will become something else entirely, most likely some monster you didn’t know to fear until it was there. So, no need to fear it. It’s too far away.

Top image: Fiona Apple, because she’s good at feeling uncomfortable.
Bottom image: I don’t know. A girl and a bear. 


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