Wicker Park.

You know how I said I wanted to live in a human nest? Well, I did. Pay more attention.

Anyway, artist Patrick Doughrety makes what are probably the most elaborate and wonderful wicker structures I’ve ever seen. They range in size and shape; some look like twisty wooden tornadoes and others reach straight upward a windswept castle. There’s something really whimsical about his pieces—they look just like illustrations from a children’s book, come to life and made on a massive scale. I want to crawl inside and take a nap. Or maybe have a picnic.

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Little House in the Big Woods.

Just spent the past hour looking at my new favorite website: Cabin Porn. Despite the NSFW name, it’s really just a massive aesthetic feast of lovely-looking cabins. They have ski chalets, log cabins, yurts, glass houses, and everything in between. The only connecting thread is that they’re all cozy, and they’re all remote.

A few more favorites…

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Obviously, I need to live here. I would line the insides with giant feathers and the shredded remains of all my clothes (one does not need sweaters when one lives in a human nest). Why don’t I already have a human nest? I have no idea.


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Places To Live.

I would like to live here. This amazing cabin is the work of Studio Weave. They’re also responsible for some urban design, and some really, really charming structures in the UK. Other than this adorable gazebo-shack, my favorite piece is the still-in-the-works Holm Hall. It’s so tactile—it looks just like someone knit the walls with Ent-sized knitting needles.  I hope the finished project looks like a treehouse made of lace, because that’s how I imagine it. Lovely.

You know what’s awesome? Treehouses. Right? Yeah.

The only thing I want more than to live on a yacht is to live in a tree—especially one that looks like a real life version of Myst. And while we’re making lists, I’d also like a domesticated fox. Thanks.