Little House in the Big Woods.

Just spent the past hour looking at my new favorite website: Cabin Porn. Despite the NSFW name, it’s really just a massive aesthetic feast of lovely-looking cabins. They have ski chalets, log cabins, yurts, glass houses, and everything in between. The only connecting thread is that they’re all cozy, and they’re all remote.

A few more favorites…

This guy is in Finland. Because I swear to god, the Scandinavians just do everything better.

A house on a sled! Ice fishing shack on Lake Champlain.

If you can’t bring Mohammad to the mountain cabin, bring the mountain cabin to a city rooftop. Or something.

Last but not least: holy shit this guy knows how to live.



3 thoughts on “Little House in the Big Woods.

  1. So wonderful post. I especially love those log cabin photos. They are very popular in my country. We have 187 888 lakes here and it is very natural that summer cabins are beside lakes. Thank You for this interesting post.

  2. Looking at pics of log cabins this morning because I really needed some peace to start my day. The most hilarious thing was that before I read your comment about the last pic, man smoking on porch, beautiful scenery….I said pretty much the exact thing in my head that you wrote! Love it!

  3. I loved your pic but

    Why did you say : if you can not bring Mohammed …etc whats wrong with (mohammed’s name)

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