Ask Me My Number…

Good pop music is hard to find. I mean, I enjoy a good Ke$ha dance party as much as the next girl, but let’s be real: No one has ever, in the history of Jack Daniels, used it to brush their teeth, no matter how much whiskey they drink or glitter they snort. And do all the hipster boys fall in love when she got her hot pants on? Only god knows for sure.

But anyway, I’ve recently been really into Jhameel. His album “The Human Condition” is pretty much the perfect pop record. Right now, I’m listening to “How Many Lovers” and bouncing up and down on my bed (which isn’t as odd as it sounds, because this is pretty much what I do all day long anyway). That song alone is enough to get him a place on my summer playlist—the non-embarrassing one, with Kimbra and Icona Pop, not the one with weird throwback songs by Brand New.

But since I like it, and you’re reading this, you might like it, too. Go download it for free here.


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