I’m Moving!

And so it is official: I’m moving to Maine.  It’s been in the works for a few weeks, I just signed a lease (and signed my first rent check) today. While it feels like it all happened with dizzying speed, I’m very excited about the change. I am going to be living outside Portland in a house with a huge yard and a big dog. This weekend I bought a couch from Ikea (it’s blue with beige flowers and very, very pretty) which is my first piece of big, brand new furniture. I’m leaving behind my friends and garden and Somerville and one of the best jobs I’ve ever had—so the change is bittersweet… but mostly sweet.

Starting in September, I’ll be working as the editor of Dispatch Magazine. It’s a really cool local publication, and I’m incredibly excited to be on board. New challenges, new house, new dog, new city. Fresh start (and I’ll keep the nostalgic pining to a minimum).

And I also plan to start blogging here more often. Hopefully, now that I’m moving more to the editorial side, I’ll have more interest in personal writing (when I’m not planting my new garden and playing house, that is).

Above Image: Corey Templeton/Flickr


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