Flower Girl.

When I was little, I was a pretty obedient kid, but I was really bad about one thing: I couldn’t keep my hands out of the neighbor’s gardens. I would steal their flowers, picking everything I could, even though my mom told me repeatedly that it wasn’t okay. I guess as far as Kid Issues go, it was pretty mild, though I also once stole a piece of pyrite from a store when I was eight. I did feel so guilty about my sticky fingers that I asked my mom to drive me back so I could return it. I guess I’ve always liked pretty things.

I wouldn’t necessarily steal these collages, made by Dutch artist Anne Ten Donkelaar, but I would certainly be tempted. She uses pins to affix pressed flowers and plants to a white surface, which plays with dimensions in a very cool way. The blossoms are flattened out, giving it an odd 2-D feel, yet they still cast shadows. It reminds me a little of old timey decoupage projects—but even more gorgeous.

Found via Honestly WTF

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