Guys & Dolls.

Just in time for Halloween: Creepy doll images by American photographer Rosalind Solomon. I first found these images from this post, on “Strange Dolls & Dummies.” The picture was so eerie, so morbid and awesome that I started researching Solomon. Her photographs remind me a little of Cindy Sherman’s dismembered mannequin pictures, but you can tell Solomon’s are older, more decrepit and somehow more child-like. Of course, that’s probably what makes them so creepy. As I’ve learned from numerous horror movies, nothing is scarier than a precocious, possessed child.

On a similar note, I’m currently reading Duma Key by Stephen King and it is so great. It’s so great! I never really read any Stephen King until about a year ago (I think I thought I was too literary for it, or something idiotic and snobby like that) but now that I’ve started reading his books… I just can’t stop. I’ll always love Melville and the Brontë sisters and all that jazz, but I’m starting to think King is a genius in his own way. Maybe it’s not beautiful prose all the time, but damn, I wish I could had this much creativity in my head.


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