Two Nice Things.

jeremyKool_poses1. I absolutely love foxes and I’m a sucker for anything made out of paper, so when I saw Jeremy Kool’s Paper Fox Project, I fell pretty hard for the rascally little guy. Sadly, all Kool’s animals are made digitally, so this didn’t actually involve any origami. Does that make the entire thing more impressive? Probably! But for me the best part is that the little fox—and Kool’s other critters—are part of an interactive storybook for iOS devices. Neat!

2. There are few things that grate on me like the phrase YOLO, though I do appreciate the idea. Carpe diem, while epically cliche, is fine with me (Latin makes a lot of things more palatable, I think) though my favorite grasp-life-by-the-horns phrase is probably “gather ye rosebuds while ye may!” because no one does pastoral parties quite like a metaphysical poet. Anyways, this is a roundabout way of introducing my current favorite song: “Yawning” by Pearl and the Beard. Listen closely and you’ll understand why I’m talking about it like this. Plus, it’s very, very pretty (as if you needed more reason to check out my musical recommendations, right?)



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