Nature makes the best art.

A 59121Artist Letha Wilson explains her slightly surreal, mildly creepy manipulation of the natural world:

I like the idea that the piece takes the interior gallery wall, where you might see an image of nature on it, and instead places it in the tree itself where its flat plane and white wall sets off the amazing branches, leaves, and shadows created by the moving sunlight. I have created several pieces using drywall outdoors and it is surprisingly resilient. Plus I like that the drywall will succumb to the movement of the branches, and will deteriorate a bit over the duration of the show. The wall faces almost due west so from about 12:30 on the sun casts shadows on the wall from the tree limbs and leaves. This particular tree is fairly late to leaf out, so the piece will change considerably throughout the season.

Simple, but very cool. On view at The Morton Arboretum.


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