Rachael Rice’s dreamy work.

rachael riceWhen I was little, I used to make dreamcatchers all the time. I was obsessed with Native American mythology and culture. I read every book in our elementary school library on fairy tales, myths, and legends. I didn’t really like any other kind of book. I wanted to hear about the girl who married the moon, or the boy who turned into a bear.

I think that’s why I’m still so drawn to dreamcatchers. Though sometimes a little cheesy, they’re gorgeous when made right, and artist Racheal Rice does it right. She turns the dreamcatcher into a glorious mess of ribbon and beads. The woven center holds it all together, gives it a depth and geometric balance. I would love to have one of these hanging above my bed.

But I might need to settle for a dreamcatcher print. Society 6 has some nice ones…


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