I Like You: Some great (cheap) art prints.

I need more art on my walls, but purchasing originals is out of the question. Instead, I’ve become addicted to sites like 20X200 (now sadly defunct) and Society 6 to fill my visual hunger. Here are a few prints from Society 6 that I’m crazy about right now. I’ll probably buy one of them before the day is over…

society 6 horsesI’ve been eying this one for a very long time. How nice would it look blown up huge on a stretched canvas over my dark blue couch? Really nice. Winter Horseland by Kevin Russ.

Society 6 LayersThis is another one that I would want to order in the largest size possible. It feels a little bit abstract, but calm. Layers by Cameron Booth.

society 6 fawnThis little lady I would want teeny tiny, in a small white frame. If I had a kid, I would hang it in their room. So cute! Fawn by Emily Hamilton (her other work is great, too).

Society 6Summer RefelectionsThis is my favorite one. The problem is, I don’t want it in a frame. I want it huge! And they don’t offer it in larger sizes. It’s so dreamy and gorgeous. It seems like my bedroom is all green and gray, and this would be a nice touch of color. Summer Reflections by Oliviia Joy StClaire.

societysixdavidAnd last but not least is this image by David Fleck. I don’t know where it would fit in my house, but I love all his work. He has a great style, and a propensity for hot air balloons. I love hot air balloons. The Start of Something by David Fleck.


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