This song by Lady Lamb the Beekeeper makes me so happy.

I fall in love with strangers all the time. Here’s a song by the inimitable Lady Lamb the Beekeeper about that—about people and connecting, and I think, also about missing someone and being overwhelmed by the world. And catching trains. And eating mountains, which is a dream of mine (actually, to be the best afterlife would be one where I became an indigo mountain somewhere lonely and wild).

I also keep finishing that one great sentence—”the kind of high I like is when…”—in my head over and over with different things.

The kind of high I like is when I stay up all night with someone and we’re exhausted in the morning and we still can’t stop talking even though we’re so tired that the world feels a little unreal and we look like hell and just don’t care.

The kind of high I like is when I see someone I was waiting for and they look at me and I get so nervous and I realize again that I really, really like them and I don’t care at all that they made me wait.

The kind of high I like is when I’m almost crying and something strange and funny makes me laugh and I keep laughing until it hurts.

The kind of high I like is when I hear a really great song and it gives me goosebumps on my arms and I play it over and over and soon I don’t get goosebumps anymore but instead I feel it nestle down into my bones and the sound that someone else made becomes mine and it feels so sweet.


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